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Understand and Troubleshoot Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012

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I have updated my post on Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012 learning resources to include a link to the recently released update of the outstandingly good

Understand and Troubleshoot Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012

guide by Mike Stephens of Microsoft. The doc was part of the Understand and Troubleshoot guides for the Windows Server 2012 beta program,  a very fine example of a technical guide.


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March 1, 2013 at 21:47

IGNITE events for Office 365 and Exchange

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Regional Office and Exchange teams run “Ignite” training events for new waves of their products. I have attended online versions from both the US and UK in the past. The events are often over two days and are very useful for getting up to speed. The teams also have related webcasts and a selection covering topics such as: Hybrid deployment, Cutover and Staged migrations, Click-to-run deployment amongst others are available to replay (with presentation downloads) here.

The webcast on Identities and Single Sign on is interesting as it covers Windows Azure Active Directory tenancy and the Graph API that I have mentioned before.


On multi-forest AD the presentation indicates:

Multi-forest AD support is available through Microsoft-led deployments
Multi-forest DirSync appliance supports multiple dis-joint account forests
FIM 2010 Office 365 connector supports complex multi-forest topologies

If you find that presentation relevant then you might also want to check out the session from TechEd 2012 on Office 365 Identity Federation Technology Deep-Dive.

If you are responsible for the on-premise Active Directory that synchronizes to Office 365 using DirSync then you might want to look at the IdFix DirSync Error Remediation tool for object and attribute  sanitization.

Windows Azure: Infrastructure as a Service

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There’s a growing amount of material available on Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (think virtual machines in the cloud):

AVMs   AIaaS

but sometimes a concise demo is really helpful. Episode 53 of the (always excellent) EdgeShow at Channel9 has nice demo of Windows Azure IaaS that should whet the appetite of any IT professional be it an infrastructure architect involved in planning for private cloud or a developer thinking about the overhead of running your own test/dev or sandpit environment. The demo starts here; watch it and then read on…

…if building say, an on premise test/dev environment in a virtualisation infrastructure, then looking at the costs of running on Windows Azure and weighing those against the costs and complexity of building your own must be the first step. Information on Windows Azure trials and previews and pricing is here.

If you watch the demo you will (briefly) see the new VMdepot community that allows you to select from pre-built images on a variety of Linux distributions with various platforms e.g. LAMP stack, included.

For a broader overview on there’s a recent talk by John Craddock at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2013 on Windows Azure Insights for the Enterprise IT Pro; John explains, in passing, how you can leverage an MSDN subscription to trial the technology.

For a technical deep-dive on Windows Azure IaaS and virtual networks see Mark Russinovich  BUILD presentation; you can also watch Mark’s presentation broken down into smaller modules with related learning materials on the associated Microsoft Virtual Academy course.

For a deep-dive on how to manage Windows Azure IaaS with powershell see Michael Washam BUILD presentation. Channel 9 also hosts a version of Michael’s presentation in bite-size chunks at Windows Azure Virtual Machines & Networking

The image on left above is snipped from the Windows Azure Poster.

Microsoft Private Cloud evaluation resources

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Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2013 – session videos available

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Videos of talks covering topics in:

Windows server
Virtualization & Cloud
System Management
Unified Communication
Windows Client
Partner talks

given at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference held in January are now available. There’s broad coverage by many well-known speakers, see the Agenda for links to the videos.

Two new posts on ADAMsync over at AskDS

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There are two new posts on ADAMsync over at AskDS.

The first is an ADAMsync 101, covering basic ADAMsync configuration; see also my AdamSync Common problems

The second (ADAMSync + (AD Recycle Bin OR searchFlags) = “FUN”) covers interaction between ADAMsync and the AD Recycle Bin functionality; I saw a related issue a long time ago with a customer who had chosen to preserve most every attribute on deletion as a way of trying to avoid doing database restores after accidental deletions. Another issue in this area was in very early versions where the ADAMsync did not have sufficient privilege to see deleted objects; this was fixed by introducing “obscured tombstone” logic that supports DirSync (which underlies ADAMsync) by just returning objectGUID and isDeleted for callers that would not usually have rights to see tombstones.

It’s great to see Microsoft still actively supporting ADAMsync.

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February 8, 2013 at 00:13

New sign-in experience for Windows Azure AD services

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February 7, 2013 at 23:12