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Microsoft Private Cloud evaluation resources

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Private Cloud: Making it Real

Private Cloud Evaluation Guide


Service Catalog as pre-requisite for Private Cloud and Data Center transformation

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If you have ever studied ITILv3 you will have seen the Service Pipeline.

Here’s a very nice post that argues that “The service catalog  has a central place in data center and cloud transformation“; Service Catalog is part of Domain 5 of Cisco’s Domain Ten framework for data center and cloud transformation. It also contains an interesting post on the history of the Service Catalog.

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January 26, 2013 at 01:19

Technology Roadmaps in IT (Infrastructure)

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Technology Roadmapping is concerned with mapping goals to specific technologies and as such is about the timeline for the goals (or market spaces) as matching the lifecycle of the technology.

The wikipedia article references the Sandia Labs paper which seems to be the defining reference in this area and these cover generic technology roadmapping as might be used by a manufacturer to plan product lines for technology products.

In IT services one might start with a high-level strategic plan (almost technology independent roadmap) as here or here.

In IT services the technology underlies the service and so roadmaps are critical documents for showing AS-IS to TO BE matched to goal, budget, vendor and technology timelines. A possible approach (a commercial offering but with quite a bit of detail on the approach) for developing such a roadmap is here.

In looking for specific examples relating to roadmapping for IT infrastructure I have found very few over the years, one I found recently and particularly like for an IT infrastructure area (Data Center) technology roadmap is the one used at MIT, their IT Roadmaps are here and the specific example is here. If you know of other examples in IT infrastructure please leave a comment.