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Windows Azure: Infrastructure as a Service

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There’s a growing amount of material available on Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (think virtual machines in the cloud):

AVMs   AIaaS

but sometimes a concise demo is really helpful. Episode 53 of the (always excellent) EdgeShow at Channel9 has nice demo of Windows Azure IaaS that should whet the appetite of any IT professional be it an infrastructure architect involved in planning for private cloud or a developer thinking about the overhead of running your own test/dev or sandpit environment. The demo starts here; watch it and then read on…

…if building say, an on premise test/dev environment in a virtualisation infrastructure, then looking at the costs of running on Windows Azure and weighing those against the costs and complexity of building your own must be the first step. Information on Windows Azure trials and previews and pricing is here.

If you watch the demo you will (briefly) see the new VMdepot community that allows you to select from pre-built images on a variety of Linux distributions with various platforms e.g. LAMP stack, included.

For a broader overview on there’s a recent talk by John Craddock at the Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2013 on Windows Azure Insights for the Enterprise IT Pro; John explains, in passing, how you can leverage an MSDN subscription to trial the technology.

For a technical deep-dive on Windows Azure IaaS and virtual networks see Mark Russinovich  BUILD presentation; you can also watch Mark’s presentation broken down into smaller modules with related learning materials on the associated Microsoft Virtual Academy course.

For a deep-dive on how to manage Windows Azure IaaS with powershell see Michael Washam BUILD presentation. Channel 9 also hosts a version of Michael’s presentation in bite-size chunks at Windows Azure Virtual Machines & Networking

The image on left above is snipped from the Windows Azure Poster.


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