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Two new posts on ADAMsync over at AskDS

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There are two new posts on ADAMsync over at AskDS.

The first is an ADAMsync 101, covering basic ADAMsync configuration; see also my AdamSync Common problems

The second (ADAMSync + (AD Recycle Bin OR searchFlags) = “FUN”) covers interaction between ADAMsync and the AD Recycle Bin functionality; I saw a related issue a long time ago with a customer who had chosen to preserve most every attribute on deletion as a way of trying to avoid doing database restores after accidental deletions. Another issue in this area was in very early versions where the ADAMsync did not have sufficient privilege to see deleted objects; this was fixed by introducing “obscured tombstone” logic that supports DirSync (which underlies ADAMsync) by just returning objectGUID and isDeleted for callers that would not usually have rights to see tombstones.

It’s great to see Microsoft still actively supporting ADAMsync.


Written by adamsync

February 8, 2013 at 00:13

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