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EAP-TTLS on Windows 8 (Build 8250)

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In Windows 8 Microsoft has invested in EAP-TTLS (RFC 5281) as an outer tunnel for wireless 802.1x connections in addition to the PEAP outer more familiar in Windows clients:

The available non-EAP (inner) methods are:

See RFC5281 Section 15.1 for the message sequences in an example that shows CHAP as non-EAP inner.

Looking at Section 11.2, in particular 11.2.3 (MS-CHAP) and 11.2.3 (MS-CHAP v2) it can be seen that based on the use of “ttls challenge” material (Section 11.1) the client generates the Challenge and the Response based on the corresponding MS-CHAP (v2) algorithm.

The EAP methods for the inner are:

More details on the settings are on TechNet and on Wireless Connection Processes with Windows 8 Release Preview


Written by adamsync

May 8, 2012 at 23:11

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